AED Emergency Monitor

AED Emergency Monitor

AED-Alert TM 2.0 – Stay Connected, Stay
Remote AED Management System for WIFI & 4G Connected Mindray AEDs
Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone at anytime, so it’s essential to keep your fleet of AEDs ready for rescue. Traditional manual inspection of AED devices is time-consuming and labour-intensive and can result in equipment going unchecked for long periods. The AED-Alertâ„¢ 2.0 provides a quick and efficient way to remotely manage AEDs based on the loT technology.
Detailed information for individual device

Device Status Information

  • – AED self-test results & log review
  • – 4G connection status
  • – Map and photo overview of the installation locations
  • – Device and configuration information

Rescue Alert & Records

  • Automatic alerts when an AED is being used
  • – Review rescue operation data

Geo-Location Alerts

  • Alert when AEDs are moved outside of predetermined geo-location

Accessory Lifecyle Management

  • – Prioritised notifications of pads expiration and battery capacity
  • – Automatically register new replacement items
AED Dashboard: Complete Visibility of all your Devices