Mindray Beneheart C1A Semi-Automatic AED WiFi Connected

Mindray Beneheart C1A Semi-Automatic AED WiFi Connected

Compact and lightweight AED defibrillator with integrated semi-automatic defibrillation functions, in the version without display,

The BeneHeart C1A  is suitable for public and professional use.



Main features

  • Rapid shock delivery – First shock in 8 seconds
  • Suitable for adults and children with the same pads
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Mindray Truncated Exponential Wave (BTE) Biphasic Defibrillator with Impedance Compensation
  • The semi-automatic AED mode allows you to analyse the patients heart rhythm and determine whether shock delivery is recommended. By means of voice messages and indicator light, the device invites the rescuer to press the discharge button.
  • Robust to impact tests from 1.5 m and equipped with an IP55 degree of protection, it is ideal for emergency rooms and for use outside the hospital
  • Ability to record ambient sounds
  • Storage of 500 patient events, 5 hours of cardiopulmonary resuscitation process data, and 1000 user test results
  • 60 minutes of voice recording
  • The user can review the patient’s data, events and ECG waveforms, as well as edit and print data from the PC, thanks to the Data Management software.


  • Connectivity with WIFI module included
  • Including service contract to AED Alert System 2.0 for remote monitoring of the device for 5 years

Supplied complete with the following

  • 1 pair of disposable electrodes for Adult / Paediatric use with auto-id and duration of up to 5 years from date of manufacturer
  • 1 disposable lithium manganese dioxide battery with a standby life of 5 years
  • Quick start guide

Accessories available

  • Wall bracket
  • Alarmed wall cabinet
  • Soft carry case


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